Stitched book binding

MATERIALS NEEDED // Two equally sized patterned (sturdy) pages for the cover, blank paper for the pages, sturdier paper for the back.
BACK // The paper you're gonna use for the back needs to be the same height as the cover pages. Fold it in the middle, lengthwise.
COVER // I chose illustrations from an old calendar as my cover pages.
BACK // Start by glueing the front page to the back piece. Make sure to leave some space between the cover page and the back crease.
FRONT COVER // This is what it looks like when the front page is attached to the back piece.
Glue the other part of the cover to the back piece. The pink stripes above shows where the crease is.
TAPE // Secure the cover by putting a wide tape across the middle section on the inside of the book. I used a thick woven tape, but most sorts will do.
FINISHED COVER // This is what the finished cover will look like when it's spread out.
PAGES // Now it's time to add some filling to the shell! Cut a bunch of blank paper about the same size (preferable a bit smaller) as the finished (spread out) cover, and fold it in two.
MARK // Mark the middle of the book in four places. This is where the stitching is going to be!Every stitch contains of two holes, and two stitches is enough for this book. You may need more holes and stitches if you're making a bigger book.
HOLES // Create holes by using a needle (and push it all the way through the back).
THREAD // When the holes are all made, thread the needle with a string of your choice. Since we have to pairs of holes, we're gonna stitch one pair at a time (and it doesn't matter which one you start with). Start from the outside (the back) of the book, and press the needle through the upper hole. Then press the needle from the inside of the book through the lower hole.
Now press the needle down through the first hole again...
...and through the lower hole out through the back.
KNOT // Tie a knot and cut off the excess string.
Repeat these steps for the second pair of holes!
This is what the stitching looks like from the inside.
Hello, finished book!
Handmade and somewhat recycled. Awesomeness!
More book binding techniques will be shown here later on!


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